Accounting & Reporting – Complete Transparency

To insure honesty and full transparency, Signature Property Management establishes all checking accounts in the name of the Association and not the management company. In addition, a representative of the Board of Directors approves all expenses. Only those pre-approved expenses are then paid to vendors and / or creditors. Money is also transferred to the reserve account as required.


transOn a monthly basis, we provide all clients with a monthly report outlining all financial activity to the community. In addition, we will post a summary for residents to review on the Association’s web site.

Delinquency Procedures:

On the 15th of each month or as directed by the Board of Directors, late notices are mailed to any owner that is past due. Accounts over 90 days are then assigned to the designated legal counsel for collection accounts and possible liens. Signature Property Management will also contact any delinquent unit owner to advise of their past due amounts. Special hardship cases will be presented to the Board of Directors for consideration. Unless already established, Signature Property Management will assist your Association with adopting a formal Delinquency Policy.